Trans-Racial Adoption

Trans-Racial adoption is good option for families choosing to parent a child of a different race and heritage.

Adoptive parents need to understand and prepare themselves and their child for the unique issues that arise when a child of color is raised in a family with a different racial background.  Children who are trans-racially placed are aware of the differences between them and their family.   The child will have unique needs and will most likely develop a desire to connect with his or her own heritage at some point in his/her life.  Because of this, it is strongly encouraged that trans-racial adoptive families embrace the concept of connecting with others in your community who have a similar racial background as your child.  A commitment needs to be made not only to become trans-racial adoptive parents, but also to incorporate the child’s culture into your home and family traditions.

As part of the education process, we recommend required reading and media material.  In addition, as required by state regulations, our adoptive couples participate in a pre-placement home study process before receiving approval as an adoptive family.