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Q: What is open adoption?

An open adoption is one in which the birth parent(s) select and meet the adoptive parents and exchange some or all of the identifying information.  Open adoption usually means that both families will communicate directly and agree to exchanges of information through the agency. It is important to remember that adoption is a human interaction and the degree of openness generally increases as the birth family and the adoptive families get to know each other, which enables the parties to form a caring and trusting relationship.

In an open adoption, it is not uncommon for the birth and adoptive families to spend time together during doctor’s appointments and in the hospital after the birth.  There is usually a mutually agreed upon amount of post placement contact between the families as well.  While this type of adoption is not for everyone, it can be a positive experience, which provides both the birth parents and the adoptive couple with peace of mind and comfort. The decision to place your child for adoption is complex. A counselor will help you with your decision without making you feel pressured or obligated.

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